Maine Craft Organization Round-Up

If you’re a Maine-based craftsman, whether your craft is artistic, occupational, or anything in between, you might need resources to hone your skill and get your craft seen. Luckily, Maine has a long history of supporting its artisan workers. This resource round-up is a great place to start, no matter your preferred method.  

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship – This year-round woodworking school is situated in Rockford on the coast of Maine. They provide classes, training, and workshops in furniture making, furniture design, and related skills, such as carving turning, finishing, and marquetry. This is a great place to look if you want to take your woodworking skills to the next level. 

Cherryfield Arts – This community-based non-profit organization provides creative educations to those who might not otherwise have the means to access them. They work with youth, families, and individuals to hone creative skills. If you’re looking to get started in a craft, or if you’d like to donate your time as a volunteer, check them out.  

Guild of Maine Woodworkers – This guild is a place for all woodworkers, regardless of skill level, to share their knowledge and education with others. They host monthly meetings, many of which include demonstrations, tool discussions, guest speakers, and the ever-popular “show-and-tell” portion, where members can show off their ongoing or finished projects. This is a wonderful place for both community and education. 

Maine Arts Commission – This organization’s mission is to encourage and stimulate public interest and participation in Maine’s cultural heritage. They work to expand and market cultural resources and bring new artists to the center stage. The commission has excellent resources for celebrating and marketing craftsmanship.  

Maine Fiber Arts – This service organization was formed to promote the enjoyment and shared knowledge of the fiber arts. They work through education, display, celebrations, networking, and community support. Unlike most fiber arts communities, they also welcome the farms and craftsmen who create the materials weavers, knitters, and quilters use, like yarn, looms, and other instruments.  

Nezinscot Farm Artisans Guild – This guild’s mission is to support the understanding that all process is art – similar to our mission! They believe that everything – from taking yarn to a loom to preparing rabbit for sausage – is craft that should be celebrated. The Nezinscot Farm Artisans Guild provides skill sharing environments and communities where artisans from around the state can gain education and experience from their peers.