If you are a man who enjoys making things and creating things with your hands, then you should look into a hobby that allows you to do this. One hobby that is a strong option for you if you want to get into this area of crafting is called whittling. It involves making shapes out of wood, but in many cases, you are using raw wood instead of lumber in the process of the action. You repeatedly shave the wood in order to get the shape or the design that you are looking to create based on your artistic and creative ideas. You do have to have a special whittling knife to get more advanced, though if you are just starting, you can use a small pocketknife.

When considering whittling knives specifically, they have a single bade that is fixed and that has a slight curvature in order to begin stripping the wood. You do not need the chisels and the mallets that are required with carving as they are two different types of art. Literally, all you need is the wood and the knife that you pick out, though the easiest woods to work with are softwoods such as basswood. It is also a good idea to have a thimble or a glove to prevent your hand from getting cut and to protect yourself.

Whitting is easy to get started with due to the limited supplies that you do need to get started in this hobby. Plus, because the wood is often raw and untreated, materials cost very little. It can be very relaxing to you if you need a hobby that will help you to unwind and distress on the weekends or at the end of the day. If you put ample time into learning this art, you can start hitting some basic figures and shapes in a proficient manner within a couple of weeks. Try to stick with one style, whether you want to create more abstract designs or more detailed designs. Try to practice on a daily basis, and watch others engage in whittling in order to learn from them as well, whether that be in the form of videos or in person.